There are now a few paddles available on the market from wood to Aluminum. All of them work well and offer different weights, blade size and stiff shafts; they are great for the purpose of basic recreational standup paddling. However, if you are serious and want the best, Pohaku Beachboy Paddles offers designs that are 100% carbon with specially designed palm grip, oval shafts, and functional blades. Pohaku Beachboy Paddles are light, strong, proven, tested and used by Hawaii's pioneers of this new sport. These are standup paddles made by standup paddlers.

1) The new C4 Waterman 1 piece Carbon Stand Up Paddle

C4 Waterman(tm). C4, or Core 4 represents the 4 core disciplines of a waterman: STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, BALANCE, and TRADITION. This paddle blade is not like the usual "flat-styled" canoe paddles with long handles. The C4 Waterman was specially designed for paddle surfing with a new keel-shaped blade neck on the powerface of the blade. This helps to steer the paddle straight for less paddle wander when taking hard strokes for the waves. This will also help steer the paddle and help minimize rail banging. Also, the wide point of the blade is down deep for a more positive bite in the water, and the front of blade features a "flowing curved face", allowing you to easily skim the blade across the water when "pulling Gs" on those hard bottom turns. This is a departure from the flat-blade canoe paddles that can catch and edge when skimming paddle across the water.

Blade size 9 inches.

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The C4 Waterman is 100% carbon and has the same ergonomic shaft and handle as my original design (see below).

2) The "Original" Single-shaft Standup Paddle

Ultra-light, Strong, 100% Carbon , Oval shaft design, for the dedicated Watermen. A high graphite content makes it exceptionally light and stiff, with a better swing weight, to make your stroke recovery almost effortless and less fatiguing.

Blade size 9 inches.

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3) The Pohaku "2-piece" Paddle

This paddle is the same 100% carbon paddle with oval shaft design as our original 1-piece. 2-piece configuration makes it easy to travel with and for storage in your car.

Blade size 9 inches.
(bag sold separately)

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I have personally designed the Pohaku Beachboy Paddle , a custom light weight all-carbon paddle which are the same paddles that are being used by Brain K, Bonga, Malloy Bros., Rob Machado, Dave P, Archie, Buzzy , Mel, Raimana, Ikaika Kalama and many of Hawaii's Watermen; these are the guys that put the sport on the map. My paddles are available directly from me or at through exclusive dealers throughout the USA.


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Kai Clothing has teamed up with Pohaku Beachboy Paddles, to help revive an ancient Hawaiian tradition..."Beachboy Surfing." Also known as "Stand-Up Paddle Surfing," get on board and catch this growing sport today!


4) XXL Die Cut Deck Traction Pads

Customize your boards with superior grip,get rid of the wax with our grooved mats. Used by the top Beachboy surfers. Available in many colors. Provides traction, protection from cold and foot fatigue, protects board from pressure dents, excellent durability and a cool new look. Easy to custom cut and apply with strong "3M" adhesive backing.


Size 22"x86"

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Thank you for your interest in my carbon Pohaku BeachBoy Paddles. The challenge I had in designing these paddles and accomplished was to fabricate a shaft that would be light and offer sufficient strength since the length was over 75".

My paddles are 100% Carbon and very light weight. The 9" blade seems to be the best size, but if you want them larger I can do special orders.


The rule of thumb for paddle length is 6-8" taller then the paddlers height.


All paddles are made by hand to the highest quality specifications. Our paddles are guaranteed against any manufacturer's defect for 45 days from your date of purchase.


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